I’m Sam.

Environmental copywriter, storyteller and connection-builder for purpose-driven businesses.

Photo of Sam holding little daisies to her eyes and smiling
Photo of Sam Rankin wearing a yellow jumper at the beach doing the Tree yoga pose

Quirky words for businesses that give a damn.


Maybe you’re not sure how to appeal to your audience. Or you’re struggling to make the impact you crave. Or you’re having trouble communicating a complex topic with clarity and personality.

… well, ‘scuse me as I shimmy in.

I’m an environmental copywriter for the good folk. The movers and shakers. The businesses that are making waves, socially and environmentally. Above all else, I connect you with your dream audience by telling your story with clarity, strategy and a whole lot of heart.

As a copywriter, helping you sell more stuff is often hailed as the destination.


But to me, it’s also about the trust you build, the relationships you nurture and the impact you leave on people and the planet along the way.

That’s what makes the business journey meaningful. And that’s what makes the view from the top worth it.

So, if you’re here for the journey too, then pack your bags.


We’re going on a business adventure.

Grab a map, choose your trail…

The Short Stroller

Website review

Short distance: 60 minutes

Small changes for a mighty big impact. In my website review, you bring forward your website problems, and we’ll work through the solutions.

The Day Hiker

Hire my brain

Mid distance: 1 day

Fast-track your way into my schedule and get 8 uninterrupted hours of my brain. No more waiting around, we get things done in one coffee-fuelled day.

The Trailblazer

Small business copywriting package

Long distance: 4 – 6 weeks

The full shebang. Perfect for those who want to get crystal clear on their brand positioning, personality, values, audience and voice (before jumping into the copywriting bit).

“I nearly don’t want to recommend Sam, so I can keep her all to myself. Not only does she deliver stellar results time after time, but her work ethic and delivery is on point, every time. Just an overall talented and lovely human.”

Marion, Celine Martine

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I work with businesses that scooch around the “business as usual” mindset.
Businesses that strive to do good.

But doing good doesn’t mean being perfect. To me, it means you’ve got the courage, foresight and tenacity to make your corner of the world that little bit better.

I’ve worked with organic mushroom farmers. Web designers for female businesses. Australian hemp farmers. Natural skincare brands. Dental care experts. Environmentally kind clothing labels. The list goes on.

And one thing they all have in common? They care about purpose and connection just as much as profit.


Hey, I’m Sam Rankin.

Head in a laptop.

Hands in the dirt.

Feet in the sand.

I’m an environmental science grad (read: geeks out on scientific reports), a barefooted nature lover and a graduate of Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success Course. Mash these all together, add a natural rhythm for words and you’ll start to understand the kind of value I’ll bring to your business.

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