Hey, I’m Sam.

I write human-centred words for purpose-driven businesses.


Sam, a dark blonde caucasian girl sitting against a white wall. She's looking relaxed and smiling, the sun is shining over her face. She's wearing blue jeans and a black singlet.

Go from “does that make sense?” to clear, conversational and compelling copy. 


How? With a sustainability copywriter who loves turning *what you do* into damn good words that land with your audience.

Words that grow your business and positive impact.

Words that translate technical-speak into engaging copy.

Words that cut through and convert.

Choose your adventure

Brand Voice Strategy


It’s a whole lot easier to cut through to your audience if you have a solid brand personality and voice. My Brand Map does exactly that.


Copy Clarity Day


Fast-track your way into my schedule and get 7 hours of my brain dedicated to your business. BYO to-do list, let’s things done in one coffee-fuelled day.




A client once said “I forgot you weren’t an employee here.” And that sums up my retainer offering. A copywriter that gets it, frees up internal time, and contributes to your growth. Spots are limited.


SEO Copywriting


Copy that builds connections with your audience and the Google robots. I’m talking SEO copy for web pages, product descriptions, articles and more.


“I nearly don’t want to recommend Sam, so I can keep her all to myself. Not only does she deliver stellar results time after time, but her work ethic and delivery is on point, every time. Just an overall talented and lovely human.”

Marion, Celine Martine

A handful of epic clients doin’ epic things

Mini Hippo logo, light pink and purple colours

A handful of epic clients doin’ epic things

Mini Hippo logo, light pink and purple colours
A close up of Sam's hands holding a beautiful pottery for the planet keep cup. She's wearing jeans and a white top.

I work with businesses that give a toss about tomorrow.

I’ve dipped my toe in a lot of industries. From mushroom farmers to mortgage brokers, textiles to composting platforms, broadband providers to web designers.

And one thing they all have in common? They care about purpose, connection and transparency just as much as profit.


Hey, I’m Sam Rankin.

Sustainability Copywriter.

Head in a laptop.

Hands in the dirt.

Feet in the sand.

I’m an environmental science grad (read: a recovered jargon-speaker), a barefooted outdoors lover and a graduate of Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success Course. Mash these all together, add a natural rhythm for words and you’ll start to understand the kind of value I’ll bring to your business.

A full body portrait of Sam. She's standing on a footpath outside and leaning on a post. She's wearing blue jeans, bare feet and a white top. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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