Conscious Copywriting on the Mornington Peninsula.

Humans are drawn to stories.


We find compassion and empathy within them.They connect us, inspire us and shift our actions. And at the end of the day, that’s why we’re here. We work closely with purpose-driven brands to tell their story.


But as with all good stories, you’ve got to pick your crowd.


The stories you tell a toddler are different to the stories you tell your friends. So what’s the point in telling your business story to a crowd that doesn’t get it? A crowd that doesn’t see the value in what you do?


We’ll use clear, clever and quirky words (and a little bit of Google lovin’) to speak to the right crowd. Because we believe that great copy starts with building connections. No icky, cringeworthy tactics. Just putting your brand in the right place, at the right time and in front the right people.

Hey, I'm Sam Rankin, Founder of Copy Circle.

And I've got a story, too.

Sam smiling at the camera, wearing a white top and blue jeans.

When I was 8 years old, I wanted to be a writer.


But somewhere along the line, someone told me that a career in writing is impossible. And I did this super silly thing where I listened.


So instead, I tried my hand at a lot of different careers. From the airline industry to a fire fighter to a snorkel guide. I did it all – I travelled, I moved fast, I sat idle. I searched for meaningful work and nothing seemed to fit.


I was on an endless pursuit for new challenges, driven by a curious mind.


But in 2019,  I discovered a career in copywriting and a whole new world unravelled. I could be inquisitive, curious and clever. I could feed my hungry mind. And most importantly, I could contribute to brands that are doing damn good things.


Today, you’ll find me on the (sometimes) sunny Mornington Peninsula – with sandy feet, salty hair and a good cup of coffee in hand.


I’m mostly a one-woman show. But from time to time, I’ll outsource work to another incredible storyteller – and I’ll always oversee the work.

I've done some things

Digital Marketing Strategy Course, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Environmental Science, Charles Sturt University

Recipe for SEO Success Course Graduate

Member of the Clever Copywriting School 

Sam, a copywriter on the Mornington Peninsula, she's sitting on the beach in jeans and a yellow top. She's smiling at the camera.

Our Values


Because what's life without a little laughter?


We won’t trick people into buying from you.


We put ourselves in your shoes (and your audiences)


When we say we’ll do things – we’ll do things. And damn well.

So that's our story, shall we tell yours?


We offer a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation.