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Sam Rankin.

SEO copywriter.

Environmental science grad.

Funny, sometimes. 

A word of warning, this about page isn’t my best work. 

Far from it.

It’s actually not even finished yet. 

See, I outgrew my old about page and have been meaning to update it for over a year now.

But you know how it goes, I’ve been too preoccupied working on awesome client projects (like this article on greenwashing for BioPak or this about page for Put a lid on it). 

So, I’ve decided to put this placeholder copy here in the meantime. One day there will be a brand story here that’ll knock your bloody socks off. 

But until then? I should quickly tell you that I’m an environmental science grad turned copywriter who’s worked with over 100 businesses, from ASX-listed hemp farmers to Australia’s leading NDIS training provider. I’ve helped folks like these, and many more, to define their voice, tell their story and get found on Google.

And I don’t mind telling you (if there’s any place to toot your own horn it’s an about page) I’m pretty bloody good at it. 

When I’m not here? You’ll find me in a body of salty water somewhere, sippin’ an oat cappuccino, riding my bike fast down a mountain, making a dismal attempt at reverse parallel parking my van, or telling every dog I pass in the street how good they are (spoiler alert: it’s always very very very good). 

So if you like my style (writing this placeholder copy in the notes section of my phone while waiting for my crumpets to pop) I’m ready to hear from you. 

And I can sure as hell craft a better brand story page for your business. You’re just gonna have to let me prove it. 






Sam from Copy Circle, standing in front of a dir path, she's wearing a cream dress and holding a hat onto her head

“Sam has incredible talent to transform your words into ideas. She committed to the project as if it was hers, coming back after our meetings with great feedback as a result of her own research. She is absolutely passionate about her job and 100% committed to supporting ethical businesses wanting to make a positive difference. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Sam in the future.”

Fran, Give Back Chile

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I’ve done some thingys


  • Bachelor of Environmental Science, Charles Sturt University
  • Recipe for SEO Success Course Graduate
  • Member of the Clever Copywriting School
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Course, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia



I’m a proud member of 1% for the Planet


I donate 1% of my profit to individuals and organisations tackling our most pressing environmental issues.

Because in the words of Yvon Chouinard “This is not philanthropy. This should be a cost of doing business. It’s paying rent for our use of the planet”

    Photo of sea scape on Mornington Peninsula

    My business values (which are also kinda life values)

    Fuel your creativity

    I rarely get great ideas when my head is buried in my computer. I believe rest and play are fuel for creativity and good work. I’m anti-hustle and pro-getting-outside.

    Kindness is sexy

    Whether you’re the CEO of a big-shot agency or a first-time business owner, there’s no excuse not to be kind. It’s free and incredibly sexy.

    Jump in, feet first

    I don’t believe in doing things in halves. I like to leap into challenging situations so I can learn and evolve.

    Consider impact

    The hard reality is that almost everything we do has impact. Socially and environmentally. I’m all for minimising mine. I’m not perfect and I continue to learn.

    Laughter is free

    Humans are a lump of tiny cells on blue planet called Earth. We’re here for a short time – so why not try and laugh as much as humanly possible?

    No high horse

    Confidence is needed in business. But I don’t ever want to be self-righteous or arrogant, it gets in the way of real connection and asking for help.

    So that’s my story. Should we tell yours?