About Copy Circle.

Ethical Copywriting on the Mornington Peninsula.

Copy Circle was founded with one simple mission: to deliver a human-centred, ethical copywriting service for conscious companies. And just like your favourite house plant, we understand that all good things take time to grow. But in our fast-paced world of meetings, deadlines and endless commitments – time is a precious commodity.


Copy Circle works to save you time, so you can get back to what really matters. We connect you to your dream clients through meaningful stories, brilliant content marketing and powerful copywriting.

Hello, I'm Samantha - And I'm The Founder Of Copy Circle.

Sam smiling at the camera, wearing a white top and blue jeans.

To tell you the truth, I can’t wait to learn all about you. I want to hear about your brand, values, goals, products, services and customers. I want to know what makes your customers happy and what makes them tick – because I am dedicated to helping conscious brands shine.

Where It All Began

I have tried my hand at a lot of different careers over the years. From the Airline Industry, a Fire Fighter, and even a Snorkel Guide (to name a few). And whilst I navigated my way through life, searching for meaningful work, one thing remained constant…

I was on an endless pursuit for new challenges, driven by a curious mind.

I have what can only be described as unquenchable thirst for experience.


I want to see it, do it, feel it, learn it, immerse in it. 


So when I discovered a career in copywriting, it was as if a new world unravelled before my eyes. Finally, I could be inquisitive and curious – all whilst contributing creatively to brands that are making a real difference.


Through copywriting, there was no end to my pursuit for new experiences. And so, I combined my love for the world around me with writing and began my mission to help conscious brands thrive. The rest is history.


You can now find me on the (sometimes) sunny Mornington Peninsula – with sandy feet, salty hair, or a good cup of coffee in hand. 


Digital Marketing Strategy Course, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Environmental Science, Charles Sturt University

Words Aside, This Is Where You'll Find Me ...