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Copy Clarity Day

Fast-track my waitlist and get clear and converting copy – all in a day’s work.

When you need copy that cuts through to your audience, like, yesterday.

My copy schedule can book out rather quickly (that’s what you want in a copywriter, right?) But sometimes your copy to-dos need doing … yesterday. 

In my Copy Clarity Day, there’s no need to wait weeks for your copy or go through endless emails and revisions. We get it done, in one coffee-fuelled day.

Yep, I exit my inbox, stop the scrolling and give you uninterrupted access to my brain for 7 hours (with a lunch break, coz a girl’s gotta eat).




Who’s it for?


My Copy Clarity Day is for businesses that want clear copy that builds connection — without standing in a queue as long as Ben & Jerry’s on a summer’s day.

Maybe you’re…

  • Damn busy and want that uninterrupted, exclusive contact
  • Facing a looming deadline and need it done fast
  • Staring at a growing list of copy bits-n-bobs that don’t fit into a neat little package



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“Sam has a gift for writing in a way that is everything you’ve ever felt and thought about your business, but never been able to put into words. Reading Sam’s words made me feel excited about sharing my product and story – so much so, I felt like I wanted to buy my own product!”

Kate Macindoe Jewellery

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Okay, but how far can we go in a day?


Pretty far, actually. I’m a sucker for a bit of time pressure. 


Here are the kinda things I can get done in a day:


  • 2 x 1000 + word blog posts
  • A bunch of product descriptions
  • 2 – 3 website pages, written from scratch
  • A full website refresh
  • A sales page
  • A list of bits-n-bobs

How do we make it happen?


Get in touch to arrange a 15-minute discovery call. In this call, we’ll discuss where you’re at, where you want to be and whether my Copy Clarity Day is right for you.


I’ll send you a proposal, contract and invoice to secure your spot. We’ll choose a day and I’ll write your name in big, fat letters in my diary so there’s no room for anything else.


I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out before our day. I’ll also do a bit of prep work to make sure the creative juices are well and truly flowing when we meet.

Copy Clarity Day

When the day arrives, we’ll meet first thing to come up with a plan and fill in any gaps in knowledge. Then I’ll get to work.


You’ll get fresh, clear and quirky copy delivered straight to your inbox, followed by 5 days of support.

Sam, a caucasian woman sitting at a cafe against a dark wall. She's holding her cup up and smiling at the camera. She has curly hair and wearing a mustard jumper.

… Get it for $1200 AUD + GST*

Two-part payment plan, with the first 50% invoice due to secure your spot and the second 50% invoice due on the day.


  • Pre-briefing questionnaire
  • Prep work in the lead up to our day
  • Strategy call at the start of the day
  • Unlimited access to my brain
  • 5 days of support after our day together

*Don’t need a full day? I also offer a half-day price (3.5 hours) for $690 + GST and a two-day price (14 hours) for $1990 + GST.

Questions? Go on then.

How come you can get copy done in a day, that would otherwise take weeks?

In my schedule, I often juggle a number of projects at once. And each of these projects gives you an opportunity for feedback and revisions (which can take weeks). By booking one intensive day, we’re fast-tracking. You’re getting the same quality and results in less time.

How come I can fit into your schedule sooner by doing it this way?

I often have days where I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for client feedback on my other projects. And that’s when I schedule in your day. Less thumb twiddling, more keyboard tapping.

What happens if I have changes after our day together?

When the copywriting brief is done well, there’s a good chance I’ll nail your copy. But I get it. Sometimes you sleep on it and realise there are a few tweaks you’d like made. That’s why my inbox is open for 5 days after we meet so you can ask for any minor changes, guidance or support.

Copywriting is creative, so how can you be sure the words will be flowing that day?

Great question. Some days are harder than others. But I sidestep this problem by doing prep work before we meet — and I find the best ideas come to me in the strangest places (when I’m walking my dog or waiting for the kettle to boil). So, I start thinking days before we meet, giving my ideas time to brew. In my Copy Clarity Day? It’s all about execution.

What if you don’t get the work done in a day?

You’re paying me for my time, not my output. So this is a fair concern. I’m only one hooman.

Thankfully, past clients say I’m great at working under pressure and the guide above will give you a great idea of what I can get done in a day. In our discovery call, I’ll measure what you need doing against what I’m capable of. If it sounds like too much for one day, I’ll most likely recommend another package.