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Your Brand Map

Tone of voice guidelines to turn those “I don’t know what to say” moments into consistent, irresistible and unquestionably you messaging.

Defining your brand personality and voice is worth its weight in golden retrievers. 


Why? Because knowing exactly who you are, what your difference is, and who you serve makes it a whole lot easier to show up in your business and create a brand people know, like and trust.



  • Simplifying the process of writing for your brand and always knowing what to say
  • Defining your purpose, values and mission – foundations that help shape your business
  • Getting to the heart of what makes you different and sharing it with the world
  • Building a sense of familiarity and loyalty through showing up consistently
  • Increasing clarity, connection and conversions

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My brand personality and voice guidelines are a 32+ page book, bound together by strategy, customer insights and a whole lot of you-ness.

Who’s it for?


  • Established businesses that once DIY’d their website copy, and now they’re ready to add some strategy and personality to those words. 
  • New businesses looking to start off on the right foot. They want a clear and consistent brand voice from day dot. 
  • Anyone who stares at a blank page thinking “what the hell do I write?!” 

Who isn’t it for?


Businesses that have already have solid brand foundations – you’ve already defined your brand personality and voice. If you’ve already done the groundwork, then my SEO copywriting is for you (these packages sidestep the strategy and get straight to writing).

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I partnered with Sam on developing my brand map and website copy. As someone who is terrified of words, I am thrilled with the result. Sam is warm, funny and incredibly skilled at navigating my ideas and creating bang on content which is authentic.

Nicole Miran-Khan, The Hunt

Sam was amazing! She helped us develop a voice for our brand with the Brand Map, and the copy for our website is awesome. We feel like our clients will resonate so much more with us now. She was super professional, her communication throughout the process was incredible and she is extremely knowledgeable about best practices with copy.

– Cass and Kane, CKCS Films

Cass and Kane, CKCS Films

What goes into your brand map?


  • A word and phrase bank — vocabulary that is *your* brand to a tee
  • Brand definition — never fumble over your elevator pitch again
  • Products or services definition – get clear on your offering
  • Brand vision, mission and purpose –your north star
  • Competitor research — know where you sit within your industry
  • Unique selling point — what makes you different?
  • Customer research — know exactly who you’re writing for
  • Brand values — what you stand for and how this comes through in your messaging
  • Brand personality — write in the same voice, all the time (regardless of who’s writing)
  • Copy examples — see your voice in action
  • Style guide – like a grammar rulebook

Starting at $3200 AUD + GST 


This includes a 90 minute strategy call, 32 + page brand book, two rounds of revisions, proofreading, a PDF copy in your branding, plus a hard copy delivered to your door. 

Available in a two or three part payment plan.