Creating Brand Authenticity To Boost Engagement And Customer Loyalty


Authenticity is a bit of a buzzword right now. You know, it’s cool to be genuine. But where did this push for authenticity actually come from? And is this a trend that’s here to stay? Let’s dive in!


We’re bombarded with advertising everywhere we look. Google, Facebook, Instagram, billboards, television, magazines – we simply cannot escape it. 


So it’s no wonder we’ve all developed internal information filters – or as I like to call it – a BS Radar. Consumers are now filtering out the BS to make room for the products and services that truly speak to them.


Your audience want to see your brand – warts and all.


They want to hear your story – the good, the bad and the downright ugly.


Because, well, they’re humans.


Not robots.


And as humans, we’re wired to connect. And we don’t connect with the glamorous, glossy, magazine-cover marketing anymore (Did we ever?)


Because why?


Because humans are flawed.


So it may come as no surprise that studies show up to 86% of consumers value authenticity – with millennials being at the forefront of the movement.


So if you’re currently using flashing, shouting, in-yo-face, hide-your-flaws type marketing – this might come as a rude shock. But hey, your marketing tactic is a bit rude too, if you ask me.


So – how do you create authenticity to increase brand loyalty?


And how do you create a brand that is heard amongst all the chatter?


I’m going to expose four simple ways you can bring that much needed human touch to your brand.


1. Show Yourself

Ok – this one can be a little daunting if you’re not a selfie aficionado – but hear me out. Adding a face and name to your brand shows consumers that you are a real human.  It makes you relatable – like an old friend. But this one comes with a strong warning – don’t overdo it. Too much content about yourself gives a message of vanity – after all, it’s about the consumer, and how you can help them.


2. Write Like A Human

Yep – it sounds simple – but there are so many brands out there that are still getting it wrong. You want to write how you talk to reach your dream audience. That’s right – no big, fancy words to make yourself sound smarter. Just plain old, conversational English. Tell stories, be honest, be kind – and most importantly – be yourself.


3. Listen

It’s hard to know what your audience wants if you don’t have an ear to the ground. Tune in to your audience – their wants, needs, desires and problems. And most importantly – engage with them. Answer their questions on social media and communicate with them regularly – this shows that you are on their level.


4. Stay True To Your Values

The meaning of authenticity is when one’s actions are consistent with their beliefs and values. So by staying true to your values – you’re showing your authenticity. Be clear about what you stand for – and refer back to it regularly. If you value honesty and integrity – admit your mistakes to your customers and show your human side. If you value the environment – commit to sustainable practices.


After all – when you’re open about your hardships and hurdles – your audience will also believe you when you’re open about the good times, too. Heck, they’ll even celebrate them with you. Like an old friend.

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