Radar Landscapes

The Job: Full website copy, including home page, about page and services pages.


My Job: It was time for a website refresh! Radar Landscapes outgrew their old website, so they were ready for a full refresh. They wanted SEO friendly copy that reflected their youthful, fun and quirky tone of voice. 


Sample Copy: 


Who are Radar Landscapes?


We’re an energetic bunch of garden enthusiasts based on the Mornington Peninsula. We approach each job with honesty, zest and a think-outside-the-box edge. We always give expert, straight-up advice, without leading you down the garden path (unless of course it’s your newly paved one).

"We had a wonderful time working with Sam, we are so excited with the end result - perfectly capturing our business. We are already highly recommending Copy Circle to friends and family!"

Mt Elephant Logo

Mt Elephant

The Job: Blog post copywriting


My Job: To contribute to their wonderful collection of health and wellness articles with approachable, punchy and straight to the point copy. 


Sample Copy:


Humans are drawn to nature.


And for good reason – it has the power to heal our mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s a backyard garden or a remote National Park, our love for nature is ingrained in our evolution. We’re part of nature, not separate from it. So it’s no surprise that when we escape from our screens and four walls, we feel as if we’re returning home. 


Raspberry Digital

The Job: Full website copy, including home page, about page and services pages.


My Job: Rosemary from Raspberry Digital was seeking a new website that reflected her personality, value and expertise.  She wanted a friendly, clear and no-fluff tone of voice.


Sample Copy: 


We’re a boutique digital marketing agency taking busy teams from chaos to calm.


What if we told you that driving results with your digital marketing could be stress free? Dare we say, cruisy? No more running around in circles, working after hours, or worse – falling asleep to the echoing sound of email pings.


We use data-driven digital marketing to get predictable leads, measurable results, sustainable growth and deeper connections. Most importantly, we’ll let you claim back your work-life balance (and leave those email pings where they belong).

"Thank you so much Sam, you exceeded my expectations at every step of our project. Sam is not only highly professional and efficient, she is also a delight to deal with, and the quality of her work is second to none."

Natura Mushrooms

The Job: Regular blog posts, about page and product descriptions.


My Job: To educate their audience about the wonderful world of fungi. To do this, I interpret scientific studies and present it in a quirky, easy to understand way.


Sample Copy: 


Astonishing in both its look and function, Lion’s Mane Mushroom has been used in Chinese culture for centuries due to its perceived medicinal and nutritional value. In the western world, we’re a little late to the party, but strap yourselves in because this shaggy fungi still packs a punch. 


Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) can also be referred to as bear’s head, Japanese yamabushitake, pom pom, hedgehog, or our personal favourite – old man’s beard. Sure, it’s a little shaggy and unkempt in appearance – but with its powerful nootropic benefits, you won’t want to judge this book by its cover.


"Sam is a huge asset to the team! She has a genuine grasp on SEO and its importance in content creation and helping businesses grow organically. The most important thing that shines through with Sam is her genuine passion for her work."


Australian Primary Hemp

The Job: Blog post copywriting


My Job: Australian Primary Hemp is at the forefront of the hemp industry in Australia, and it was my job to create educational, digestible and light-hearted articles. 


Sample Copy:


The hemp plant is shrouded in myths and misinformation. 


And there’s little wonder why: Hemp is closely related to marijuana, it has a cloudy past that’s coupled with unclear legislation, and it’s a popular target for fake news. The ultimate formula for misunderstanding. So, where’s the conscious (but confused) consumer to turn? 


Starting here, we’re going to separate 5 hemp plant facts from fiction, because it’s time we spread the right message about this incredible plant. 


Give Back Chile

The Job: Full website copy for a new startup. This included a home page, about page and services pages.


My Job: To take everything that Fran does (ahem, a lot: short courses, eco holidays and school programs) and present it in a clear and compelling way.


Sample Copy: 

Give Back Chile is a purpose-driven social enterprise, with a firm belief that sharing environmental knowledge has a positive impact on the way we live. Our story began when Chilean-born Francisca arrived in Australia. She was immediately blown away by the sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly way of life.


With that, she saw an opportunity: By offering purposeful travel and environmental education, she could transfer this valuable knowledge to Chile. And by making this knowledge simple, practical and exciting – the benefits will flow through Chile and Australia.


"I enjoyed every minute of our work together. Not only because of the amazing results, but also because of her incredible patience and empathy to make you feel comfortable and to trust in your ideas. Sam committed to the project as if it was hers, coming back after our meetings with great feedback as a result of her own research on the different topics. She is absolutely passionate about her job and 100% committed to supporting ethical businesses wanting to make a positive difference."

Paige Digital

The Job: Candice was launching her new Small Business Branding Package and needed an epic sales page to go with it. 


My Job: To educate her audience about her new branding package, sprinkling in elements of her wild, approachable and warm personality. 


Sample Copy:


I’m the kinda’ designer that uses both sides of my brain. 

The right side of my brain runs free, colours outside of the lines and embraces your wild ideas (the wilder the better, I say). The left side of my brain brings structure, reason and logic. It reins in the right side when it’s lost in the clouds. The result? Branding that isn’t just unique, creative and beautiful… It works, too. 

It connects, inspires and converts.


"Sam's abilities continually amaze me! She can write in every tone, for every kind of business while keeping the reader interested and entertained. I've been working with Sam from Copycircle for over 6 months now, as a client and collaborator and look forward to many more years of witnessing her word wizardry!"

Sally Goodall Photography

The Job: Sally needed a full website overhaul. Home page, about page and services pages. 


My Job: To convey Sally’s fun, light-hearted and warm personality behind the brand. And most importantly, make people feel comfortable and empowered about the idea of getting their photos done. 


Sample Copy:


There’s so much joy to be found in the little things. Those raw, honest moments that act as a window into your world. And when I press pause on these little moments? Well, that’s when the magic happens. Whether you’re an expecting mother, an adoring family or a small business with a whole lot of heart – I’m here to capture the essence of what makes you, you.


Hemp Collective

The Job: Regular blog post schedule.


My Job: To communicate scientific research surrounding hemp and cannabis in a clear, quirky and easy to understand way.


Sample Copy:


Ah, hemp oil for pets. Few phrases strike as much debate, fear, advocacy or downright confusion. But now,  more and more animal lovers are jumping on the bandwagon. Has the world gone barking mad? Well, not exactly – and today we’re going to tell you why.


First things first – lets not confuse hemp with marijuana. While they’re both derived from the cannabis plant, they’re very different in their effects.


You see, marijuana is the bad boy of the cannabis family, as it contains higher levels of THC (the compound that makes you high.) Hemp on the other hand, contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight and higher levels of CBD.


So, let’s debunk a common myth: your pet won’t get high from hemp and CBD products. In fact, giving your pet these products is completely above-board.


The Teacher Collection

The Job: Product descriptions and about page copywriting.


My Job: To work with Lill to fine-tune her message, and present her products in an empathetic, honest and down to earth way. 


Sample Copy:


Created for teachers, by teachers – our original affirmation cards exist to nurture, support, inspire and motivate. They’re here to remind you that even on the toughest of days, there will always be a community of teachers that stand with you.  


Carefully curated to create a familiar space, our cards are inspired by the Australian bush, infectious rural communities, and of course, you – the hardworking, empathetic teacher. So glance down, breathe out and enjoy a moment of calm amidst the chaos. 


"Sam's content was well-researched and included appropriate technical terms to meet the needs of my target audience. Sam was very easy to work with, highly professional and delivered on time. I'm proud to have Sam's work on my website and will be using her for future copy needs."

Snoot Style


The Job: SEO website copywriting


My Job: Snoot Style is a new startup offering stylish, comfortable and sustainable dog apparel. I worked closely with the founders to develop their quirky, light-hearted tone of voice, and write in a way that would appeal to their buyers and Google. 


Sample Copy: 


Because style isn’t just for humans. 


Humans don’t leave the house in humiliating hot dog costumes. So why should our dogs?


Finally, we’ve created stylish and simple designs to make you and your dog feel glorious.