Blog Post Copywriting.

Is your business blog a bit of a wet blanket?

Let's turn it into a fluffy, cosy duvet.

There’s a reason why so many small businesses start up a blog. It can do a world of good for your brand. And better yet, getting an expert to help with your blog post copywriting will take a big, fat weight off your shoulders.


A blog writer can help you:


✓ Provide value for your audience and answer their common questions 

✓ Give your site some SEO love by targeting new keywords and phrases

✓ Show off your knowledge and expertise, which then builds trust and credibility 

✓ Give you shiny, new content to share on social media or with your mailing list 



How does blog post copywriting work?

Choose Your Package

Chose between the seed, the sprout and the evergreen package (or customise your own)


A 15 – 60 minute briefing to explore your brand and content strategy


We'll carefully research your chosen topic and uncover relevant keywords

We'll Start

We'll whip up engaging, quirky and clever blog posts that are optimised for Google

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

You’ll get 2 new blog posts delivered straight to your inbox (plus, revisions where necessary)

Each blog post package will include...

✓ A 15 – 60 minute briefing

✓ Keyword and topic research

✓ SEO-friendly copy, including title tags, meta-descriptions and image title suggestions

✓ Links to relevant and reliable sources

✓ 2 rounds of revisions

✓ Proofreading and editing

✓ BONUS social media caption to help you showcase your new blog post

Choose your blog post package...

The Seed Package

  • 2 x short length blog posts
  • Up to 400 words of SEO copy per post

The Sprout Package

  • 2 x medium length blog posts
  • 600 - 750 words of SEO copy per post

The Evergreen Package

  • 2 x long length blog posts
  • 1200 + words of SEO copy per post