Product Description Copywriting.

Product description copywriting
to get tongues wagging

You’ve worked hard.


Launching an eco-friendly product line is no easy feat. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your brand, and there have been obstacles and setbacks along the way. And that’s why we’re here, to give your products the spotlight they deserve.


And we do it in a way that’s ethical, informative and a little quirky. No smarmy sales pitch here.


Here’s how a product description copywriter can help:


✓ Connect you with your dream audience. You know, the people who are looking for exactly what you offer

✓ Inject personality into your product descriptions – because nobody likes a yawn-fest

✓ Appeal to your audience’s senses, helping them smell, taste, feel or experience your products

✓ And best of all? Get your products found on Google through some savvy SEO skills

How does product description copywriting work?

How Many?

Let us know how many product descriptions you need, and we'll create a custom package


A 60-minute brand briefing where we’ll dive deep into your products and brand


We'll write product descriptions that are personality packed and optimised for Google


Fresh and quirky product descriptions, delivered straight to your inbox

Get in touch for a custom quote

We offer a 15 minute discovery call, where we chat about your vision and ideas.